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Thought Print © - A New Reality

From an article, speech, book, or chapter,

Search internet from a "a quoted phrase"
Find many links to other people (web sites) talking about the long version of that writing. (the whole page, chapter, or book.)

Take a group of ideas;     Clinton, CIA, Mena     (a small Arkansas town where money and drugs for Iran-Contract was staged).

When you know, or are suspect, you can quickly find many other people/ web sites who discuss or expand the information.

I call this search method: Thought Print ©

Many people wait for news to come to them; TV, newspaper, book, or from friend or colleague.
Then they wonder if something is true, important and or relevant to their life.

I do not assume info is true when I get it. I may consider it, but better, II explore it,
looking for others who see it, and or other and deeper or related information.

Have an open mind, to consider and explore, You can quickly find a "crowd of witnesses" who talk about the subject.

Those who wait and debate if one report is true, move slowly.

I move like lightening, as I actively research & assemble related info and look at it in a broader context.

I often find completely unbelievable, and seemingly irrelevant information, which I can gather up:
  diverse, unconnected witnesses & or reports, which eventually onvinced me that the info is relevant, important, & (mostly) true.

It is hard to stand all alone, being the only one to think something or in some way.

We gain confidence, resolve, commitment when we begin to see others who also hold or consider an idea, and or talk of it.

In the big picture; this is what I try to do:

I focus thought. Like a magnifying glass in the sunshine, so it burns with intent, and importance & benefit.
I find & consider wild and crazy ideas, events, facts.
I try to find broad support of them, via the internet. Then I try to simplify and or crystallize them to simply express the ideas.

Other people like me to prove things to them. I don't have the time and energy to look up everything,
but I try to teach others how easy it is for them to learn more.

Each person has a different standard of the proof,
which authorities say so, what evidence is existent, what are the actual words of the authority:
US President, NY Times, Britannica Encyclopedia.

If they want, they too, can do as I do and explore and test ideas.

Many people are reliant on what their trusted sources tell them, and are thereby subservience to those "authorities".

You can be quiet independent, when you learn to think and use internet to deepen your knowledge.

Everyone relies on some information.

I find that the "authorities" I once trusted, refuse to look at broader and deeper knowledge.

People can only learn what they want to. Many people are limited to immediate things of their life, family, job, property.

Very few people look to our future, and or conditions that effect many of us. L iving in denial, they can escape, avoid responsibility to protect and or consider things that eventually effect us all.  Most people are pretty self centered, without much interest in problems of other people (which eventually will be their problem too !)

Thought Print © shows how rare & specific it is to search for a "quoted phrase".

Searching Ideas with TP © shows how to take some concepts and search until I find the source and confirming information.

Any teenager (or older) who wants to know, test, prove something, can learn and use this method.

All that it requires is someone who can read, think and type (ask internet a question)

The more they do this, the more convinced they’ll be that it works & has benefit.

Any untested idea (not trying & using this method) seems doubtful & improbable.

It is in the testing (& repetitive practice) of this idea, that others will gain confidence, independence, energy to act,
and commitment to share this and or other ideas with other people.

Most fear to tell another person a rumor.
The more confident we are in an idea (many have same idea), the more probable that they might repeat (spread) it.

I await your comments, criticism. I may rearrange the chapters, ideas, and wording, any comments welcome.
Here is draft of book, mark it up freely.

Ted of Elden © family July 2011